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4 Best Handheld Game Consoles This Year  


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Handheld game consoles are making their way back with several notable devices launching earlier this year. In this post, let’s find out the best models in 2022 that we all are going to love. 

1. Nintendo Switch

Handheld game consolesSource: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is already five years old but it is still among the best hardware. However there are several models that might be confusing to you while making a decision. Among all models, the latest one Nintendo Switch OLED which came out in fall this year is probably the best choice. It has a brighter, more vivid and larger display which helps the gaming experience get better. Compared to the original model, it costs only $50 more (the original version’s price is #300). However, the upgrades are worth the price. It might also connect well with a TV in case you want a full gaming session with your friends and family. If you mean to look for something cheaper, Switch Lite might be a great option which costs only $200. 

2. Steam Deck 

Handheld game consolesSource: Valve

This model is a newbie launching this year by Valve. Even though it might be a little large and thick for a handheld console, its power is absolutely the total plus point. You can play several PC games on this console without any difficulty because they might perform as smoothly as a PC. You can also freely stream cloud-based games as well. Therefore, the thickness of it is totally understandable. Stream Deck is outstanding because of these features. Also, it is quite pricier than most other consoles, starting from $399 from the official Valve shop. 

3. Analogue Pocket

Handheld game consolesSource: Analogue

Are you a fan of Game Boy and old Y2K games? If the answer is a yes, this is definitely the best option for you. Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance games and Sega Game Gear games might all be played with this handheld. It is equipped with a high-res color screen and a USB-C charging. You might also connect to TV with a separate dock. The price of this one is $220 at the Analogue shop. 

4. Panic Playdate

Handheld game consolesSource: Panic Playdate

This model is even more old-school than the Analogue Pocket that is introduced above. It is a small, yellow handheld with a black-and-white screen. This one is made specifically for indie games and it does not support a game store. There are 24 indie games included in this device and you can connect to Wi-Fi to download new updated games. With a price at $179, it is worth trying if you are into indie games and want something that looks cool. 

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