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Fire Resistance Potion Making Instructions


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Making sure you don’t catch fire or tumble into the lava while traveling to the Nether or fighting Blazes in the Nether Fortress might be difficult. In these circumstances, medicines that increase fire resistance are particularly useful.

Given that water disappears as soon as it is set down in the Nether, making fire resistance potions is not difficult and can provide you an advantage there. So let’s look at how to make the potion and go into the Nether a little less cautiously. Read more: how to make fire resistance potion

In order to make Fire Potions in Minecraft, what do I need?

Before you may make the Potion of Fire Resistance, you must have the following items on hand. Some are readily available, while others need a trip to the Nether.

Blaze Powder

To find the Blaze Spawner inside the Nether Fortress, you must go into the Nether. Then, using the Crafting GUI, you can kill the flame to obtain Blaze Rods and convert it to Blaze Powder.

Brewing Stand

To create a brewing stand, place the Blaze Rod in the center of the crafting table and the Cobblestone blocks in the third row. Additionally, you can search for a Brewing Stand by visiting a Village Church, Igloos, or the End Ship.

Nether Wart

Even though Nether Warts can only be found in the Nether Fortress, you can transport as many Nether Warts and Soul Sands as you can find to create a farm in the Overworld. The Soul Sand should not be overlooked because it is the sole block on which the Nether Wart can develop.

Water Bottles

One important item you need to brew the potion is Water Bottles. But you will need to craft Glass Bottles first. You can gather some sand and smelt them in a furnace to get Glass.
You can then further prepare them into Glass Bottles by using three Glass blocks and placing them in a ‘V’ shape in the Crafting GUI. Once you have the Glass Bottles, you can go to the nearest water source and right-click with the bottles in your hand to fill it with water.


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