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15 Essential Minecraft Mods for Version 1.18-1.17.1


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The Top 15 Minecraft Mods. When you’re looking for the best mods, it can be hard to find them – and even harder to sort through thousands of different versions that all claim they’re “the best.” Minecraft is a game that has been around for years, and it’s still going strong. In fact, the newest version of Minecraft – 1.18-1.17.1 – came out just this week! Now might be the time to start playing again if you aren’t already. But how do you know what mods to use? There are so many options out there! One way to go about it is by using our Top 15 Minecraft Mods list. We’ve narrowed down all the thousands of different mods available online into these fifteen essential picks, based on their compatibility with 1.18-1.17.1-1.16.5 and their ease-of-use for players of any skill level (or none at all).

15 Essential Minecraft Mods for Version 1.18
15 Essential Minecraft Mods for Version 1.18

How to install Minecraft mods

Minecraft Forge used to be the recommended loader, but it’s very buggy. It is better to use ModLoader or LiteLoader if you can. If you are trying to install Optifine for Minecraft 1.12, pick the latest beta build since they have not finished updating it for Minecraft 1.12 yet.

Check out this Minecraft Forge installation tutorial for a step-by-step guide of how to install Java and Minecraft Forge.

Forge will not work on some versions, so try ModLoader or LiteLoader instead.

Minecraft Fabric used to be buggy but has been fixed recently. It is recommended if you cannot get Forge or Modloader to work correctly with your system. Follow this Minecraft Fabric installation tutorial for a step-by-step guide of how to install Java and download and install the latest Minecraft mod loader.

Modloader seems like the best choice at this point, especially since you can use it on both client and server. ModLoader will not work with Optifine though because they use the same API.

Mods are required to get the full Minecraft experience, but they do come with some problems. The latest version of Forge or ModLoader will fix most issues though, including crashes and bugs. If you keep experiencing issues after updating Forge/Modloader, try re-downloading your mods and reinstalling them. Finally if all

1. Optifine HD Mod

You’ll also need to download and install Optifine, MixinBootstrap, as well as place all three files in your Minecraft mods folder. To use Optifine with Minecraft, you need to download and install the three files from optiforge. Place all of these into your mods folder within MCPE’s directory structure (usually C:/users/loginname/AppData/.minecraft).

Latest version optifine 1.17


2. Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty brings a whole new world into Minecraft, filled with exciting opportunities for exploration. With over 100 different biomes to explore and dozens upon dozens of blocks in each one, there’s something here sure to interest anyone looking at their first map after playing Biomst x10k+ days straight!

Biomes O’ Plenty Mod

Download link: Biomes O’ Plenty

3. Waystones Mod

If you’ve been playing Valheim and want to get from one area of the map instantly, this mod’s for you. Waystones can be crafted with a tag that allows someone else who has also created their own waysite (with another player or by themselves) to teleport them wherever they need to go in seconds!

Download link: Waystones

4. Chisels and Bits

Imagine being able to customize every inch of your world with Chisels and Bits. You can carve individual blocks down, pixel by pixel, into any shape you desire! From decorative statues for castles or even etched signs that will remind people where they are at in life – this mod has it all.

Chisels & Bits Mod

Ever wanted to create your own Minecraft sculptures? Now you can with Chisels and Bits! Create any shape from individual blocks down into a block of pure pixelated marble. It’s never been easier or more accessible than on our end too – all without leaving within the boundaries set by Mojang themselves.

Download link: Chisels and Bits
Requires: Forge

5. Useful Backpacks Mod

A great mod for those who love to store their inventory, Useful Backpacks allows you to craft three levels of the backpack. The higher the level, the more space is available in each slot! Not only does it provide extra capacity but also fits seamlessly with Minecraft’s aesthetic and style as there are no big bulky packs here; instead we’ve got sleek designs perfecting how these things look on an everyday basis while still offering huge bonuses if needed (and plenty less weight!).

useful backpacks mod 1 1

Download link: Useful Backpacks
Requires: U Team Core

6. AppleSkin Mod

Can you say with any certainty that you 100% understand the saturation mechanic in Minecraft? I can now, and it’s all thanks to AppleSkin. Not only does this super-useful little mod tell me how much hunger an item will replenish when I hover over them or see their values for saturations levels; but at least once per day (or whenever we decide), our home page tells us everything about what each foodstuff contains as well – which is hidden by default!

AppleSkin Mod 1.17.1

Download link: AppleSkin
Requires: Forge or Fabric

7. Nature’s Compass

Nature’s Compass is a new item in Minecraft that you can craft using logs and saplings. Right-clicking this improved compass brings up a list of every biome type, and clicking on one will detect the nearest biomes from different locations around your world – making it an invaluable tool for exploring particular types or finding rare mobs like Bees!

Nature’s Compass is a new item that allows you to navigate through different biomes with ease, especially those containing Minecraft mobs like Bees and Goats.

Nature's Compass Mod


Download link: Nature’s Compass
Requires: Nothing!

8. Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone is a new and stylish Minecraft mod that will bring all your belongings to one nearby tombstone when you die. With various gravestone customization options, both visual and functional; Corail can be set up just how the player wants them in order for him/her not have any more indescribable pain of losing everything from ores down into Diamonds on accident! A fantastic companion while digging deep underground where Platinum may lie waiting..

Download link: Corail Tombstone

9. WorldEdit

WorldEdit is the ultimate building and construction tool for Minecraft, full stop. With a tremendously powerful series of different commands available to you in Creative Mode- from simple things like creating shapes with cylinders or spheres on demand all the way up towards more complicated tasks such as making entire adventure maps– Worldedit makes it easy to get your project underway quickly while still having an array of options at hand when designing what will be constructed out there! 

WorldEdit is a mod which has been around since 2013 and it’s still going strong today!

WorldEdit Mod

With an expansive array of commands and tools, Worldedit can be used in creative mode to create anything from Adventure Maps all the way up through Colossaliouesque structures with ease! 

Download link: WorldEdit

10. HWYLA (Here’s What You’re Looking At) Mod

This mod notifies you when hovering your reticule over any world item or block, telling what it is and which mods are used to create that object. Not only does this make exploring in Minecraft more fun but also ensures players don’t spend time wondering how different blocks work with each other without installing additional programs like TConstruct by Blutinghelmet Studios
I really enjoy playing Minecraft Sandbox game because I love building things even though sometimes I get lost easily so if there was some kind of way for me just knew exactly where everything was at then my gameplay would improved 100%

Wawla Mod for Minecraft

Download link: HWYLA

11. FastWorkbench

FastWorkbench is a lightweight and must-have mod for Minecraft that increases the responsiveness of crafting items in your table, as well as disabling the recipe book. This way you can log into game much quicker with less lag time! The Placebo Mod also works alongside Fast Workbenches features so there’s no need to worry about not being able to enjoy all these benefits without compatibility issues between mods like this one or Residence Improvement Plus which require each other be installed first though they don’t rely on each other’s functions completely; instead choosing whether adding more blocks/items onto homes would work better than unlocking doors immediately upon arrival (which may cause bugs).

Download link: FastWorkbench
Requires: Placebo

12. Inventory Sorter Mod

Inventory Sorter is a lightweight mod that adds two extremely useful features to the game. The first: clicking on any item in your inventory will auto-sort all other items inside it, no matter how many there are or what position they’re stored at; Second – you can scroll with a mouse wheel over an individual stack of goods and move them one by one towards yourself until they’ve been sorted out into their proper locations. It’s worth giving this download just for those functions alone!

Inventory Sorting Mod

Download link: Inventory Sorter
Requires: Nothing!

13. Clumps

If you’ve ever been in an XP farm, then it’s not surprising that the laggy feeling of hundreds or orbs floating around would get to be too much. Thankfully for players who want their experience points wasted on powerful Minecraft enchantments and don’t mind being annoyed by this issue – Clumps exists! As its name suggests, when using clumps mode all nearby xps will group together into single ball so there is far less work done than if they were just fly freely without collecting them individually like before; additionally, these super annoying moments stop entirely because now no one can continue wasting precious gemstones only hover near.

Thankfully, Clumps exists! As its name might suggest this mod clumps together multiple nearby XP Orbs into a single orb which drastically reduces the amount of work for our computer systems to do while also stopping players from wasting their precious experience points on powerful enchantments such as the Infinity enchantment book or diamond tools.

Download link: Clumps

14. Fast Leaf Decay

Fast Leaf Decay is a mod that I never knew was needed. It reduces the time for trees without leaves to despawn all their leaf blocks, instead of waiting minutes or more! The whole process only takes two seconds now which makes it much nicer when you’re farming apples from your farmland and saplings need cultivating quickly so they can grow into full-grown tree trunks before winter comes knocking at our door again. I love how FastLeafDecay does exactly what its name suggests: Allows players’ crops/sapling growth rate.

 With Fast Leaf Decay, you can cut down on waiting time from minutes to under two seconds! The process will also be much faster when it comes to harvesting leaves or apples off trees because there won’t be any trunk-less trunks in your way either which means more potential crops per square meter of forest floor that needs protection before being plowed up by monsters looking out world domination ambitions.. The reason why this has become so popular isn’t just how fast things go anymore—people have been absolutely loving seeing what they won’t grow much sooner than before without having wait around an eternity while other mods do their thing behind.

Download link: Fast Leaf Decay

15. SwingThroughGrass

Long grass is an annoyance. And it turns out, so are many people – because SwingThroughGrass has become one of the most downloaded Minecraft mods! The simple mod allows you to swing your sword or other weapon through long gre terrain without having that super-irritating issue where every time there’s a big blade swipe; bang!, gone back into boring old short stuff (not that I’m complaining).Now, players can swing their swords without interruption from pesky plants by simply drawing them instead across all those annoying bits!

Download link: SwingThroughGrass


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