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How To Find The Merchant


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Trying to figure out how to find Valdor the Merchant in Valheim? We’ll show you how to track him down.

Every Valheim fan knows that the key to succeeding in this game is to explore the different biomes available and see what you can find in each one of them. However, there’s an elusive NPC that offers players great rewards, although he’s kind of hard to find. We are talking about Haldor, the merchant, and here’s everything you need to know about him:

Where To Find Haldor

Bag icon in the map

Valheim’s merchant only spawns in the Black Forest biome and can spawn in any Black Forest biome within the world you’re playing in if you want to find him. Look out for a large bag icon that’ll appear on the map once you’re within a 290m radius of Haldor.

Keep in mind that once you find the merchant, it will always appear in that same spot. Drop a portal near him, so you don’t have to travel that far to buy or sell things to him.

If you’re dead serious about finding Haldor, you can scoop the web for Valheim seeds that focus on the merchant’s location. For example, you can use seed: 42069lolxd, which will generate a world where Haldor spawns nearby your starting point. To find him there, all you have to do is head East from your spawn point and follow the South coast until you get to the Black Forest.

Tips When Searching For Haldor

  • The merchant has a Lox as a companion. As you might know, these creatures spawn only in The Plains biome, so if you spawn one of these big and hairy guys in the Black Forest, it means Haldor is nearby.
  • When looking for Haldor at night, keep an eye open for the soft glow of his tiny green lamp.

What Can You Trade With Haldor?

buying from the Haldor

Once you find the merchant, all is left to is buy or sell items to him. This guy uses a unique currency that is only valuable to him — coins. You’ll find these by killing trolls or fulings and by looting chests or dungeons. Alternatively, you can obtain coins by selling things to Haldor; he’ll buy rubies, amber, amber pearls, and Silver Necklaces.

Once you have the coins, approach the merchant to buy:

  • Yule hat: this is a cosmetic-only item and is worth 100 coins.
  • Dverger circlet: this item works like a flashlight you put on your head, so if you equip it, it will use the helmet slot. The Dverger circlet costs 620 coins.
  • Megingjord: an accessory that costs 950 coins and increases your inventory carry weight (since this belt is an accessory, it will use the accessory slot).
  • Ymir Flesh: worth 120 coins; this one is a crafting material you’ll need when making high-tier equipment.
  • Fishing Rod: with this tool, you can catch fish to eat. The Fishing Rod costs 350 coins, and you’ll use both hands when equipped.
  • Fishing Bait: you can’t go fishing without bait, right? That’s why Haldor sells that too; it cost ten coins per 50 pieces of bait, and this is an item that is currently not craftable.

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