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In YouTube app how to create YouTube Shorts


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What are YouTube Shorts?

A vertical video format called YouTube Shorts features short videos that can last up to 60 seconds. All producers can record videos, edit them, add music and text, and post Short Videos within the YouTube app by utilizing the platform’s creative capabilities. Instead of disappearing after 24 hours like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, short videos can be found on producers’ YouTube channels indefinitely. To help improve views and visibility, creators can also add famous YouTube hashtags to all short videos.

All producers can watch short videos on their mobile and desktop devices, but they can only upload short videos using the YouTube app on their mobile devices.

Who are YouTube Shorts suitable for?

Since there is less saturation when producing YouTube Shorts than regular YouTube videos, this presents a great opportunity for individuals and businesses. No matter your niche, all producers can use YouTube Shorts, including vloggers, home channels, tech experts, beauticians, gamers, and toy reviewers.

Multiple YouTube Shorts that encourage viewers to click on the channel and subscribe can be managed by a single YouTube vlogger. Small businesses and brands can also utilize the short video maker tool to promote their goods in little clips, or they can use the online video editor to cut existing long videos into short YouTube videos. Free online.

Create YouTube Shorts in the YouTube app

Step 1. Open the YouTube app and create a new YouTube Short

By launching the YouTube app on your smartphone, you can make and share YouTube Shorts. At the bottom of your screen, tap the Plus button. A pull-up box with the Create option will appear. You have the option to upload videos, create quick videos, or live stream. Simply select Create Short Video.

Step 2. Allow Access

You’ll have to give permission for access to your camera and microphone if you’ve never made a YouTube Short before. For access, select ALLOW.

Step 3. Record a YouTube Short or upload a pre-recorded vertical video

It’s time to start working on your YouTube short. The red record button can be tapped to begin filming your YouTube short. Alternately, by clicking on the tiny box on the bottom left that will display the clips on your smartphone, you can submit a pre-recorded vertical video that is less than 60 seconds long.

With the help of YouTube Shorts’ tools, you can time your clips and change their speed between 0.3 and 3x. You have the freedom to edit your videos as you want to meet the demands of your business thanks to the pre-recorded vertical video segments you post to YouTube Shorts.

Above are 3 steps to create YouTube Shorts in the YouTube application, please read and refer if possible, apply it to your work. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comments, we will listen and answer all your questions.

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