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Things to keep in mind when healing zombie villagers


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Avoid curing the zombie villager next to any mob that assaults villagers, including illagers and zombies. When a zombie villager is cured, these mobs may not attack the zombie villager first, but they do so afterward. Don’t heal a zombie villager during a raid, for instance.
Because zombie villagers constantly attack iron golems and iron golems attack zombie villagers even when they are being treated, it can be beneficial to temporarily remove your iron golems from the town. Bring the iron golems back once the zombie villager has been cured since without them patrolling the paths, zombies might decimate your community.

if zombie villagers attack you during healing

If the zombie villager accidentally assaults you, make your tamed wolves sit down because they will attack the zombie villager as well till it perishes.
Avoid using a power or flame-enchanted bow on a zombie villager if you want to use an arrow with a weakness tip to give it the weakness effect. If you do, the zombie villager could be instantly killed or burnt to death.
The weakness effect is not imparted upon the zombie villager by punching it with a weakness arrow.

Since you don’t want to hurt the zombie villager while healing, use a shield to block zombie villager strikes more safely.

efforts after healing

When curing, try not to let your zombie villager infect any more villagers.
The best place to trap a zombie villager is inside a house without any beds because there is a door and you can construct a wall around the small space inside the house so that the zombie villager cannot attack you, as opposed to outside where you must construct four walls to keep the zombie villager from attacking you. After you’ve caught the zombie villager, make sure to shut the door.
If you don’t want to trap the zombie villager or risk being assaulted by it, you can also let it pursue you after feeding it the golden apple. While pursuing, keep the zombie villager away from other zombies. read more how to cure a zombie villager


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