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Why add subtitles to your videos?


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Anyone who creates online videos, such as teachers or content marketers, should make sure to always add subtitles to their videos. This will help ensure that all viewers – regardless of their first language – can understand the content of your videos. Additionally, adding subtitles can help your videos stand out on social media feeds and increase viewership overall!

How Adding Subtitles to Your Videos Can Boost Engagement

Did you know that adding subtitles to your videos can boost engagement? There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but chief among them is the fact that subtitles make videos more accessible. They also help videos stand out on social media feeds, which can result in more views and shares. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of adding subtitles to your videos and how to do it correctly!


What are subtitles?

Subtitles are text inserted into a video, usually in the lower part of the video screen, translated from the original language in the video into another language or keep the original language as required to meet the viewing needs of the user. different audiences and different countries.

If you search for foreign movies on the internet or watch them at cinemas, most of you will find movies with subtitles. Because this is the simplest form of film translation, it does not take too much time and effort as well as the level of professionalism such as voiceover or dubbing. The advantage of this form is that it helps viewers to both hear the original language of the characters in the movie and understand the dialogue translated into their mother tongue.

Sometimes, the movie’s subtitles and the original language in the movie are the same. For those who know a foreign language and want to learn that language to improve their skills, movies with subtitles are always the first choice. However, subtitles also have their own shortcomings when it makes viewers lose focus on the content of the movie.

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Why need subtitles for your videos?

A wonderful method to get someone’s attention when they are scrolling through their social media feed or a web page is to add subtitles to your online movies. The correct subtitles might assist draw in visitors who might otherwise just scroll past your material if your video can play automatically, such in a Facebook feed. Including good subtitles in your video might also draw in viewers who otherwise might not have watched it.

Additionally, adding well-done subtitles to your video can improve the accessibility of your material for non-native speakers and those who have hearing impairments. If there are subtitles they can understand on an English video, those who don’t speak the language well may find it easier to comprehend the content. As more people watch your content and become aware of your company as one that prioritizes inclusion and accessibility, the increased accessibility that comes from adding subtitles to your video can also help you build a better reputation and increase brand awareness.

Adding subtitles to videos has many benefits for us such as: accurately conveying your organization’s message; demonstrate your commitment to quality; improve user experience.

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